Signature Flight Support and CLEAR to Business and General Aviation Community

Attendees who enroll at the NBAA conference (October 30-November 1) will receive a complimentary six-month trial with unlimited access to CLEAR's expanding network of airports around the U.S.

BBA Aviation plc is a leading global aviation support and aftermarket services provider with market leading businesses and attractive growth opportunities. BBA Aviation plc's Flight Support businesses (Signature Flight Support Corporation, ASIG and Executive Beechcraft) are focused on refueling and ground handling of business and commercial aviation aircraft. Its Aftermarket Services and Systems businesses (Ontic, International Governor Services, APPH, Dallas Airmotive, Premier Turbines, H&S Aviation, International Turbine Service and Barrett Turbine Engine Company) are focused on the repair and overhaul of jet engines and the design, manufacture and services of aerospace sub-systems and components. For more information, please visit

CLEAR uses biometric technology to identify members and speed them through airport security in 5 minutes or less, effectively eliminating lines and transforming travel. Members save time and stress with dedicated lanes that allow them to be identified in just seconds using a fingerprint or iris scan. CLEAR’s secure technology platform delivers certainty of speed and the highest level of service to members at the airport, while also enhancing airport security.

CLEAR operates at San Francisco, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth and Orlando international airports and will soon be opening at Westchester County Airport in New York. CLEAR has a growing base of more than a quarter of a million members across the U.S. and is currently expanding to bring its time-saving, secure biometric technology to airports around the country.

Enrollment is fast and easy and can be done at any of CLEAR’s enrollment centers ( For more information on how CLEAR is changing the way people travel, visit

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