TAC Air Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary At Chattanooga and Commitment to Service

Dallas, TX - TAC Air, a division of Truman Arnold Companies, celebrated its 10 year anniversary of operating at Lovell Field on Friday with a cookout for its customers and employees. 

In 2002, TAC Air bought Krystal Aviation and made its home on Lovell Field in Chattanooga. On Friday, Oct. 19, employees and customers of TAC Air Chattanooga celebrated the anniversary in conjunction with its monthly customer appreciation cookout.

“This anniversary celebrates not only our loyal clientele, but our hardworking employees who have been providing top-notch service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the past 10 years in Chattanooga,” said Pam McAllister general manager for TAC Air Chattanooga.


TAC Air VP & COO Christian Sasfai added, “TAC Air is committed to providing quick turns, competitive prices and award-winning service to the customers we serve at CHA, as we look forward to our next decade of operations at the airport.”