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Phillips 66 Aviation Announces AVCARD as New Corporate Aviation Credit Card Provider

ORLANDO, October 30, 2012 – Phillips 66® Aviation announced a new corporate credit card program today featuring AVCARD®’s cobranded card with Phillips 66®  The new Phillips 66 Aviation Wings Card will provide acceptance at more than 7,200 locations globally, along with double WingPoints® at participating fixed base operato rs.

             Phillips 66 Aviation’s new corporate card will serve pilots and flight departments flying into the nation’s largest network of branded FBOs. Some 870 FBOs are part of the Phillips 66 Aviation network. This new Wings Card program provides access to thousands of FBOs and fuel handlers, catering companies, aircraft service-stations, flight schools and charter companies around the globe. 

            Pilots and flight departments can use the Phillips 66 Aviation Wings Card for a bevy of services beyond fuel, lubrication and maintenance – including aircraft cleaning, landing fees, oxygen, transportation, ground power, hangar rental, flight training, hotel reservations, de-icing, charter, fees, and catering, among others.

 “The new Phillips 66 Aviation Wings Card makes flying more convenient and less stressful,” explains Rosemary Leone, Director, Programs Development, General Aviation, Phillips 66. “You can leave the cash and other credit cards at home, traveling virtually anywhere using a single card for any aircraft-related expense. The Phillips 66 Aviation Wings Card can be used at thousands of locations worldwide, for just about any service a pilot might need.”

Cardholders can garner double WingPoints with fuel purchases at participating Phillips 66 Aviation WingPoints location, earning reward points faster, which can be immediately redeemed online for debit and gift cards.          

            “AVCARD has provided innovative card programs to the aviation industry for over 28 years and we are delighted to be supporting Phillips 66 Aviation to enhance their card programs for both dealers and flight departments”, explained Warren Boin, AVCARD’s Vice President of Marketing and Card Programs.

“AVCARD has outstanding cardholder services, including their commitment to expedite credit approvals and card distribution.” Leone.

Other benefits of the Phillips 66 Aviation Wings Card program include customized billing plus free, secure online account management that allows cardholders to review charges before downloading billing information directly into their organization’s accounting system.

Cardholders can also utilize BaseOps International trip planning to arrange fuel setups, pre-advisal, ground transportation and handling at locations throughout the world. International support for the Phillips 66 Aviation Wings Card is offered by multilingual fuel coordinators located in numerous time zones that can help with an array of flight support needs.

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For 85 years Phillips 66 Aviation has been making and supplying fuel for aviation. Phillips 66 Aviation supports the nation’s largest branded dealer network. Currently, Phillips 66 Aviation supplies jet fuel and avgas to a network of 870 Fixed Base Operations. More information is available at Phillips 66 is a trademark of Phillips 66 Company or one of its subsidiaries.


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