Helicopter Foundation International Offering Free Money!

Alexandria, Va. (October 23, 2012) – The deadline is fast approaching for the 18 scholarships that the Helicopter Foundation International (HFI) will award to students in the helicopter industry.

On June 1, HFI began accepting scholarship submissions. We are now more than three quarters of the way to the closing date. If you are currently enrolled in school and working toward a career in rotorcraft, you are eligible to have some of your tuition paid for! Go to www.helicopterfoundation.org or www.rotor.com and download an application for the scholarship of your choice. Make sure to get your application in soon, as time is quickly running out.

The deadline for submitting an application for the four scholarship categories - Commercial Rating, Maintenance Technician Certificate, Michelle North Scholarship for safety, and the Bill Sanderson Scholarship - is November 30.

HFI understands that as the costs of obtaining the necessary education to work in the rotorcraft industry continue to increase, fewer students seeking careers that deal with helicopters will be financially able to do so. HFI’s scholarship program can help ease that financial burden and ensure that today’s most dedicated students can realize their dreams.

Qualified applicants, if selected, can drastically ease the burden of their education costs!

The Commercial Helicopter Rating Scholarship will be awarded to pilots who have their private license and are in the process of attaining their Commercial Rating. Up to four scholarships will be awarded. The Maintenance Technician Certificate Scholarship is for students who are studying to become maintenance technicians. Up to six scholarships will be awarded. Up to seven Bill Sanderson Aviation Maintenance Technician Scholarships will be awarded for students in the aviation maintenance technician (AMT) field as well. Finally, the foundation will award the Michelle North Scholarship for Safety, a scholarship for pilots who have already attained their commercial rating and are already working in the helicopter industry, who have shown an outstanding penchant for safe flying practices. Interested students can go to www.helicopterfoundation.org and download an application for the scholarship of their choice.

Applicants must meet all necessary prerequisites and provide a completed application by November 30, 2012 to be considered. Check the website for further details and make sure you are eligible to be selected! Send applications by email to scholarships@rotor.com if possible, but if necessary they may be mailed to: Helicopter Foundation International, 1635 Prince Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314.

HFI believes that helicopters will play an ever increasing role in our society, and we are greatly looking forward to being able to help those who have begun the path toward a rewarding career in the rotorcraft industry. But remember, we won’t be able to help unless we receive your application!