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OnGround Launches Global Online GSE Database

Dubai, United Arab Emirates  OnGround launched today the Ground Handling industry's first ever global GSE Asset Database & Catalogue for both brand new and 2nd hand airport equipment.

The latest version of comes with an upgraded design, new search features and functionality, providing all airport equipment buyers and sellers worldwide with a centralised GSE data repository irrespective whether for brand new or used kit.

Launch partners for the upgraded website are made up of many international ground handling brand names, including GSE manufacturers, major ground handlers and airlines, as well as reputed equipment traders. The current GSE database already boasts of close to 1,000 units manufactured/located in 25 countries, including almost 200 different models of brand new GSE promoted exclusively by their manufacturers, with the remainder being used equipment on offer by their current owners.'s main objective is to facilitate easy and direct contact between the airport
equipment buying and selling communities around the world through a global web portal and database designed to provide all key equipment details plus relevant pictures and contact details.

Enhanced search filters now allow for the most dedicated online GSE search ever among 42
different equipment types and their condition (brand new and/or used), country/region of
manufacture, current location, technical specs (e.g. engine type, MTOW, drawbar pull, service height, tank capacity etc.) and several other criteria.

Through a new partnership with the Airport Services Association, an additional filter allows for specific search of used GSE on offer by ASA member ground handlers only. is solely based on advertising revenue; corporate agreements for annual unlimited subscriptions are available aiming at always 'full virtual shelves', thus providing the ultimate choice for the international buyer at this innovative GSE marketplace.

About OnGround:

OnGround was established in 2011 as independent Aviation consultants and project professionals, regional representative for ground support equipment manufacturers, and as ground handling related IT solution provider dedicated to optimisation on the ramp.
OnGround's objective is to support and assist airport ground handlers and other airport-related organisations with the design, supply and implementation of apron fleet concepts and complementary solutions.

With a combined aviation expertise of over 30 years, hands-on experience across ground handling, airline operations, IT solutions, fleet and maintenance management, OnGround is the trusted partner for both regional aviation service providers as well as international suppliers.