N-Jets and Priester Aviation Join ACSF Program

Alexandria, VA, October 11, 2012 — The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is pleased to announce that N-Jet of Wheeling, Illinois, and Priester Aviation of Wheeling, Illinois, have become the latest on-demand air charter operators to participate in the ACSF Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). They join Best Jets International of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Bemidji Aviation Services of Bemidji, Minnesota, who were the first operators to participate. "We're extremely pleased that these operators have joined the ASAP program," said ACSF Chairman Dennis Keith. "This commitment will allow them to make a positive contribution in risk reduction, and they are leading the way to improving the overall safety culture of our industry."


"I would like to personally thank the FAA Dupage Flight Standards District Office and the ACSF for selecting N-Jet as a participant in the ASAP program," said N-Jet President Howard Seedorf. "I believe this program will provide N-Jet and others with critical safety feedback that would have otherwise gone unreported. Most importantly, it will enhance the safety of our stakeholders, including passengers and crews, by creating a more robust safety management system."


"Joining this important program affirms our commitment to continuously enhance our company safety culture and the quality of our operation," said Priester Aviation President Andy Priester. "This is a win-win scenario for our employees, customers and the charter industry."


An ASAP is a reporting program that allows employees of participating air carriers and repair station certificate holders to identify and report safety issues to management and to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for resolution, without fear that the FAA will use reports accepted under the program to take legal enforcement action against them, or that companies will use such information to take disciplinary action.


The objective of the ACSF ASAP program is to expand to other FAA regions, and to encourage charter operators that lack the resources to establish their own ASAP program to participate and benefit from this valuable safety tool.


“The vision of the ACSF is to enable on-demand charter providers and fractional program managers to achieve the highest levels of safety in the aviation industry. This goal will be achieved through:

  • Promotion of risk management programs,
  • The adoption of one common industry audit standard,
  • Dissemination of safety information and,

Creation of additional programs that advance the goals of the foundation.”