Combs Completes Fifty State Journey in a Light Sport Aircraft

Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii – When Michael Combs landed his aircraft at the Kaneohe Bay Airshow yesterday it marked the completion of an ambitious mission to touch down in all fifty states in a Light Sport Aircraft.  The event was celebrated by a record...


Since Hope One actually performed in the airshow, it was transported onboard an Air Force C-5 aircraft along with other show aircraft flown by Kirby Chambliss, Jacquie B, and the Flash Fire Jet truck driven by Neal Darnell.  Other performers in the show included The Blue Angels, Clint Churchill, and the Navy Seal Leap Frogs.  “Seeing Hope One in that huge aircraft was really quite a sight to behold,” exclaimed Combs.  “It was an honor to be included among such a prestigious list of performers, and the Hope One flight really was inspirational to the attendees who were full of hugs and even shared some tears of gratitude for what we are doing out here in the world.”


Over five years ago, The Flight for the Human Spirit began with no funding, no aircraft, and Michael didn’t know how to fly.  He has proven that even the loftiest goals can be accomplished through faith, belief, and sheer determination.  “People really raise their eyebrows when they hear that this incredible project began literally with nothing but a dream,” smiled Combs.  “They get even more expressive when they learn that we took off from Salina on that first day we only had two weeks of funding in our pockets for fuel, lodging, rental cars and food.  It has been an experience far beyond aviation that truly shows the power of the human spirit that endures in all of us.


Combs is currently writing a book about his adventure which will be released in 2013.  He has two other books ready for publishing and will release his next music album entitled “Through the Veil” late this fall.


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