New Medical Kit for Business Aviation Includes Medications and Equipment First Responders Need Most

Tempe, AZ – October 9, 2012 – MedAire, an International SOS company, launches its latest medical kit for corporate aircraft, the Advanced Aviation Medical Kit.  The Advanced Aviation Medical Kit is fully integrated in the MedAire comprehensive travel safety solution and includes medications and supplies most needed on short and long-range flights to respond to common medical concerns and life threatening incidents. 

The Advanced Aviation Medical Kit includes all the required supplies for compliance, as well as medications and equipment to improve timely and accurate in-flight care.

The contents of the medical kit were selected based on analysis of more than two decades of data about the medical events that occur in-flight by a panel of aviation medical, regulatory, and operational experts. 

MedAire analyzed the data from its 24/7 global response center, MedLink, the world-renowned telemedicine center staffed by doctors available to assist crew while in-flight.   The database represents more than 100,000 in-flight cases, the largest database of its kind.

“As first responders to medical events that occur during a flight, crew need to provide assistance quickly and accurately,” said Dr. Paulo Alves, Vice President of Aviation Health for MedAire.  “The needs of the business aviation crew and passenger, as well as integration with safety management systems, were the primary drivers in creating the new medical kit.”

The contents in the medical kit enable users to stabilize patients in critical situations and begin treatment of the most common in-flight ailments, such as antibiotics to provide initial therapy for common bacterial infections.  Accurate, easy-to-use assessment and monitoring equipment was also deemed a priority, so a digital blood pressure cuff and monitor are also included in the medical kit.   

The Advanced Aviation Medical Kit and its contents are fully integrated with MedAire’s MedLink, providing doctors visibility into the medical equipment onboard the aircraft, saving valuable time when administering assistance to a patient.  The kit contents and their applications are also reviewed in MedAire’s industry-leading Management of In-flight Illness & Injury course taken by flight crew, owners, and operators.

For more information on the Advanced Aviation Medical Kit, visit MedAire at the NBAA Conference in Orlando, October 30 – November 1, 2012, Booth 1466.

The MedAire Advanced Aviation Medical Kit meets or exceeds FAR 91.513, FAR 135.177, EU-OPS 1.745, Canada AOHS (Section 9.8) (Sch 2) (Type B) and HKCAD AN101E. 

All MedAire medical kits are assembled under strict ISO 9001 quality assurance standards, and MedAire’s production facilities are ISO certified.  The Advanced Aviation Medical Kit is currently available in the United States, with global availability planned for the end of the year.