Showalter To Host NBAA Static Display

Setting up, hosting, and tearing down the display – while accommodating the 175 based aircraft on site – makes the event a logistical challenge

“Whether you fly into Orlando Executive Airport during the NBAA convention or any other time, you will be met by a group of people completely dedicated to serving our customers and guests,”Kim Showalter says. “The event poses some complex logistics because we want to make sure our based customers can come and go as they please. Our crew just makes it all happen.”

When the private planes fly in for NBAA, it’s virtually nonstop, filling up two pages of Showalter’s flight tracker.

To quench the visitors’ thirsty demand for fuel, Phillips 66 Aviation provides extra refueler trucks and management personnel.

Showalter Flying Service also uses the WingPoints® Reward Card program from Phillips 66 to reward and build loyalty among flight departments and pilots, explains Showalter.

“We believe that the people who choose to be our customers have blessed our business,” says Showalter. “We put our customers first. It’s not lip service. It’s just how we work. And it’s something we enjoy doing.”

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