PEI Seeks Comment on Aviation Fueling Document

TULSA, OKLA., September 26, 2012 – The public comment period is now open for review and revision of the Petroleum Equipment Institute’s RP1300, Recommended Practices for the Design, Installation, Service, Repair and Maintenance of Aviation Fueling Systems. The document, which represents a synthesis of industry procedures, manufacturers’ recommendations and regulatory standards relating to aviation fueling facilities, is expected to be published in early 2013.

The practices contained within the document are the consensus recommendations of the PEI Aviation Fueling Committee. The committee is made up of representatives from service and installation contracting companies and regulatory agencies.

The document has been prepared in response to requests from aviation fueling facility operators, equipment manufacturers and service and repair contractors for a single authoritative source of information for the design, installation, service, repair and maintenance of aviation fueling systems. The intent of the document is to provide recommendations that will: promote the proper design, construction and safe operation of fueling systems; minimize the possibility of fueling system failure; avoid practices that will unnecessarily increase installation costs; and minimize environmental impacts and hazards.

The recommended practices in the publication are limited to those relating to design, installation, service, repair and maintenance of aircraft fueling systems located at aviation fuel provider facilities. It does not cover the design or operation of hydrant systems or ground equipment fueling systems for fuel distribution.

Parties interested in commenting on the draft document can view a read-only copy at PEI’s Web site, Comments are due to PEI by Monday, November 5, 2012. 

Members of the PEI Aviation Fueling Committee include: Robert A. Becker, retired; Michael J. Brunmeier, Petro-Chemical Systems, Inc.; Roy Creley, Lakes Region Environmental Contractors; Penelope Ellis, FuelMaster Syn-Tech Systems; Arthur H. Hoffmann, A. H. Hoffmann, LLC; Charles B. Hubbard, Oil Equipment Sales & Service Co., Inc.; Gordon Johnson, Millennium Systems International, LLC; John B. Lindner, Epic Aviation, LLC; Ron McDowell, Facet International; Scott Milsted, Mascott Equipment Company Inc.; Jim O'Day, O'Day Equipment, LLC; Thomas M. Riddle, TolTest Inc.; Steve Thickstun, Advanced Fuel Systems Inc.; Burnie Whitten, ABA-CON Aviation Services; and Brian Wiegert, Rounds & Associates. O'Day serves as committee chairman.

Founded in 1951, PEI is comprised of more than 1,600 companies engaged in manufacturing and distributing equipment used in the fuel and fluid handling industry. Members are located in 50 states and 81 countries. PEI is the leading authority and source of information for the fuel and fluid handling equipment industry, and is committed to promoting the value of distributor services, and improving the business relationships and practices of its members. PEI is headquartered in Tulsa, Okla. For additional information on PEI or its membership, please contact Chris Bouldin at or visit