Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Acquires Approval to Conduct Aircraft Design Inspections

NAGOYA, Japan, September25, 2012


On September 13, 2012, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism designated Mitsubishi Aircraft as an Approved Organization for “Making of Design Documents and Finding Compliance with Applicable Standards”, which is an additional authorization of “Capabilities to Design Aircraft and Inspect the Completed Design” under the Approved Organization System. Mitsubishi Aircraft enforces this system from today.


The authorization of “Capabilities to Design Aircraft and Inspect the Completed Design” is roughly divided into two types of qualification: “Making of Design Documents and Finding Compliance with Applicable Standards”, and “Test Conformity Inspection and Test Witnessing”. Having already obtained the latter authority, Mitsubishi Aircraft has now acquired the necessary authorization to carry out inspections including reviewing design documents and auditing the proof test, which are required to obtain aircraft type certification.


The above-noted accreditations enable Mitsubishi Aircraft to carry out some design-related inspections previously conducted by the government; these respective inspections will now be implemented by Mitsubishi Aircraft’s designated engineers under the government’s Approved Organization System.


Based on provisions of Article 20 of Japan’s Civil Aeronautics Act, the government’s Institution on Approved Organization inspects organizations applying for the Approved Organization designation, and certifies such organization’s ability to carry out specified operations in accordance with specified criteria*.Thereafter, an Approved Organization assumes responsibility for assuring conformance with airworthiness standards.


Mitsubishi Aircraft continues to work with the government to advance the development of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet program in order to meet the expectations of our MRJ customers.


*The Institution on Approved Organization for aircraft and components may certify organizations approved by the government as capable of complying with the following technical standards:

1. Capabilities to design aircraft and inspect the completed design / 2. Capabilities to manufacture aircraft and inspect the completed aircraft / 3. Capabilities to perform maintenance on aircraft and inspect the performed maintenance / 4. Capabilities to perform maintenance or alteration on aircraft / 5. Capabilities to design components and inspect the completed design / 6. Capabilities to manufacture components and inspect completed components / 7. Capabilities to perform repair or alteration on components.


Approved Organizations are allowed to streamline such specified portions of inspections otherwise carried out by the government.


About MRJ

Mitsubishi Regional Jet is a family of 70~90-seat next-generation aircraft featuring state-of-the-art aerodynamics and Pratt & Whitney’s revolutionary PurePower®engine to drastically reduce fuel consumption, noise, and emissions, while offering top-class operational benefits, an outstanding cabin