GippsAERO Signs with Soloy for Airvan Spare Part Distribution

GippsAERO, the Australian manufacturing arm of Mahindra Aerospace, today announced that a partnership agreement has been signed with Soloy Aviation Solutions. The agreement will see Soloy provide spare part distribution and technical support services for GippsAERO USA customers.

CEO, Dr, Terry Miles comments “the establishment of Airvan Spare Part distribution and technical support centres is to provide operators with the level of service they are accustomed to in the United States. Soloy is a welcome addition to the growing North America strategy as one of the key service providers to support GA8 Airvans in the region.”

Soloy Aviation Solutions, incorporated in 1969 and located in Olympia Washington, is a well-known and respected provider of a range of aviation related services including retrofits, reassembly, and aircraft parts/accessories/kits. Soloy CEO Dave Stauffer said, “We welcome the opportunity to provide the GA8 operators convenient and professional service and timely support in North America.”

“We are excited to partner with Soloy Aviation Solutions which is a well-known and respected player in the general aviation sector for the past 40 years. Their expertise will certainly help us consolidate our presence in North America and grow market awareness and visibility for the Mahindra Aerospace brand,” said Mr. Arvind Mehra, Executive Director & CEO, Mahindra Aerospace.

GippsAERO’s foray into North America as a region of focus is committed to strengthening the permanent presence to provide excellent customer service. This significant next step to provide spare part distribution and technical support is another tick in the box for their ongoing plan following agreements they have put in place in the last 6 months to appoint well known US dealers.

The Airvan is widely known for its rugged, utility type characteristics and low maintenance requirements. GippsAERO understand the importance of quick professional support and is going to great lengths to confidently increase its flying fleet in the region. The number of Airvans is certainly on the rise in the USA, as are the number of customer support facilities, as demonstrated by this partnership with Soloy, a trusted leader in this field.

About GippsAERO/Mahindra Aerospace

GippsAero, the Australian manufacturer of the GA8 AIRVAN, is the aircraft manufacturing division of Mahindra Aerospace. The company has manufactured in excess of 200 aircraft, which fly in 34 countries around the world, including USA, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Mahindra Aerospace is the aircraft and aero-structure manufacturing division of Mahindra Systech, and a new global player in the delivery of aircraft, aero-structures and aircraft development services. With its acquisition of two Australia-based aviation companies, Aerostaff Australia – producer of aerospace components for the world’s OEMs – and GippsAero – producer of the Airvan family of utility aircraft – Mahindra Aerospace has laid the foundations towards achieving its goals.