Corvus, NMC-Wollard Launch First Lithium Battery-Powered Tow Tractor

NMC-Wollard also plans to offer a lithium electric powertrain option to its MT3 Tow Tractor/Aircraft Pushback Tractor later this year

RICHMOND, B.C., CANADA (September 18, 2012) NMC-WOLLARD, Inc, a worldwide leading manufacturer of aviation ground support equipment (GSE) and Corvus Energy Ltd, an electric powertrain designer and global manufacturer of high power lithium polymer batteries used in electric GSE applications, today announced that NMC-WOLLARD has incorporated Corvus Energy’s lithium battery-based GSE technology into its new M40e Tow Tractor, the world’s first OEM production GSE tractor based on a lithium battery system.

The tractor will be on display at the IAEMA International Airport Expo in Las Vegas, Sep 25-27. Corvus and NMC-WOLLARD will be available at Booths #1308 and #1544 respectively.

Emission-free, this versatile tow tractor has a 4,000 lbs drawbar pull (DBP) rating, customer-configurable lithium battery capacity, regenerative braking, a robust AC drivetrain and Curtis motor controller.  The M40e comes standard with an economical SAE J1772-compliant charge system that the customer can upgrade to faster charging options, including PosiCharge and Minit-Charger.

“We are very excited about working with NMC-WOLLARD,” said Corvus Energy’s Vice President of Business Development, Sean Puchalski. “The company has an innovative team with a long history and a diverse array of products for military, commercial andcorporate aviation markets.  We’re extremely pleased to supply our technology to their production line.”

NMC-WOLLARD’s Vice President, Bruce Steingart added, “We’ve been waiting on the sidelines to some degree with respect to electric GSE offerings; in part due to the well-known challenges with lead-acid batteries, and also due to our military customers’ need for high reliability and ease-of-use.

“In addition to being the only company with lithium batteries for GSE, Corvus also understands equipment engineering. Our engineering teams are able to ‘speak the same language’, which speeds the process of integrating their technology into our products.  We are looking forward to being a leader in lithium electric GSE.”

The tractor will feature three power train options: gasoline internal combustion engine(ICE), diesel ICE and lithium electric powertrain. NMC-WOLLARD also plans to offer a lithium electric powertrain option to its military and commercial customers of their 12,000 DBP MT3 Versatile Tow Tractor/Aircraft Pushback Tractor later this year.

Depending on a customer’s duty cycle and the battery capacity selected, the M40e tractor will deliver a payback of purchase price within 18 to 40 months, based on fuel and maintenance savings.  Maintenance is reduced compared to standard ICE and lead-acid electric tractors due to thesimplified electric powertrain and maintenance-free lithium batteries.

Corvus GSE batteries have a lifespan that is three to five times longer than lead acidbatteries, an unparalleled runtime per charge with no loss of productivity at low state-of-charge, exceptionally fast recharge speeds, and require no battery maintenance.  Each system is built with industrial quality components that are rugged and waterproof and come complete with integrated safety systems, remote fault diagnosis and an eight-year battery warranty.


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