Cockpit Apps Launches New iPad App for Creating FAA Approved Flight Logs

Chicago, IL - September 4, 2012 -  Cockpit Apps, a company offering innovative iPad solutions for the cockpit, announces the launch of their flagship application, iLOG.


iLOG provides flight crews with a simple, yet modern, alternative to traditional pen-and-paper flight logs, increasing efficiency and accuracy while reducing the pilot's workload. The easy-to-configure app logically follows a crew through a typical duty day, tracking critical components such as duty and flight time, VOR checks, and RVSM altimeter settings. The app is also configured to record squawks as well as engine, airframe, and component times, meeting the FAA's requirements for both flight and maintenance logs. At the end of each day, crews can either electronically sign the documents using an iPad digital signature and email their flight logs to dispatch, or they can simply print them out.


iLOG has been in development for over six months and was created by pilot and industry veteran, Robert Creek, who originally developed the app for his own flight department based in Chicago, IL. Creek quickly saw the potential of the app and decided to develop a more robust version to make available commercially.


Creek, along with thousands of other professional pilots, believe the iPad is revolutionizing the aviation industry. "Pilots on everything from a Gulfstream 550 all the way to a Cessna 152 are using the iPad these days," said Creek, President of Cockpit Apps, "and we've just scratched the surface with respect to using the device's full capabilities," he continued. "The iPad is having a tremendously positive impact on flight operations, both in terms of efficiency and saving money."


The FAA is responding to the immense popularity of the iPad as well. In June, the FAA updated Advisory Circular (AC) 120-76, which addresses the use of iPads in the cockpit. Progressive companies such as Jeppesen and Executive Jet Management (EJM) are paving the way for expanded use of the iPad in the cockpit, allowing pilots to shed their 40lb. briefcase full of charts in exchange for the sleek tablet device.  


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