Comply365 Signs Contract with a Leading Private Jet Leasing Company

Beloit, WI – Comply365 announced today that it signed a multi-year contract with a premiere private jet leasing company for its Document & Communication Manager™, Workflow365™ and myMobile365™ for the enterprise.


This global aviation company is rolling out Apple iPad® tablets to crew members worldwide as part of their mobile strategy. With Document & Communication Manager (DCM) and myMobile365 app from Comply365, crews are able to access manuals and communications anywhere, anytime on a tablet or any mobile device. This aviation company selected Comply365’s solution because of their easy-to-use app and powerful enterprise software. Comply365’s native app is extremely easy for anyone to use. It will help save money and allow the leasing company to spend more time with customers and less time and expense managing paper.


With Workflow365, the entire enterprise can more easily manage projects, maintain consistency and keep projects on track. The global leasing company can now assign tasks to distribute them to individuals or departments automatically. Easy dashboards keep managers apprised of project status and helps manage numerous projects across business units and departments.

Comply365 gives users a silver platter experience by proactively distributing the content and tasks users need all in one location. No more digging or logging into multiple systems. It automatically reminds them of the tasks and things they need to do to stay in the know and in compliance.


This premiere leasing company sees tremendous value and savings in choosing the innovative, enterprise DCM solution and myMobile365 app. Every department can use a single, easy-to-use solution. Quick, up-do-date access means they can keep the entire operation from Maintenance to Crews in-the-know and on-the-go. Now management has dashboards and real-time reporting and visibility to compliance across all business units.


This airline delivers top-notch service, helping executives make the most of their travel experience. Pilots and crews need to be able access information on a variety of airports quickly, as they can arrange for travel in as little as 4 hours.


Comply365’s mobile app makes it super easy for crews to have the most recent information they need to fly right at their fingertips. myMobile365 companion app syncs to DCM and automatically updates the crews’ manuals. Now they can be sure they are reading the latest manual or revision and are aware of the tasks they need to complete. Users in every department will have the real-time information they need to be in compliance and ensure they are up to date. DCM and the Comply365 app will streamline processes, providing real-time visibility and information across the entire operation.


Comply365 is transforming enterprise work. “We are thrilled to partner with this leading private jet leasing company. Our native apps, DCM product and Workflow365 solutions ensure crews and management have access to the information and workflows they need, when they need it – anywhere on any device. With native apps for iOS® and Android® platforms that link and sync to operations, they can make use of their mobile strategy to increase efficiencies, reduce risk, make smarter decisions, and reduce costs,” said Kerry Frank, CEO of Comply365.


About Comply365

Comply365 is an innovative content distribution and compliance platform that helps companies reduce costs, reduce risk, leverage collaboration, and improve efficiencies. Easy-to-use solutions help users access and act on content, control and streamline content delivery, training, workflow and compliance. With innovative, native mobile applications, next-in-class reporting features, and integration tools, clients can make faster, smarter decisions on the go. Founded in 2007, Comply365 is quickly growing its customer base with hosted software solutions and turnkey rollout services, end user support and fabulous customer service.

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