IFBOA workers' compensation program yields 22-percent Good Experience Return

Bedford, MA – August 24, 2012 – The Independent Fixed Base Operators Association (IFBOA) and QBE Aviation of QBE Holdings today announced a 22-percent Good Experience Return for their 2011 workers’ compensation program participants.

IFBOA members who hold workers’ compensation coverage through QBE Aviation are returned a portion of their premiums if their losses total less than the premiums charged. This is known as a Good Experience Return (GER). Those participating members will receive the first of five GER installment checks later this year. 

IFBOA Executive Director John Wraga said he is “very pleased to be able to offer members one of the best workers’ compensation programs in the industry. This is certainly a benefit our members can appreciate and it more than pays for their membership. This program focuses its underwriting on loss control and commitment to aviation safety. When QBE and our members work together, the end result is profit for IFBOA members.” 

Michael Clark, QBE Aviation Senior Vice President, said, “We are excited to be returning these funds. These members have earned this return through their commitment to safety and operational excellence. I believe this return highlights our commitment to being a long-term business partner to our aviation clients. It puts us well on the way to our goal of making this program the preferred workers’ compensation choice among aviation businesses in the United States.”

Wraga said savings are unusual, noting that most workers’ compensation insurance professionals estimate rates will likely increase. 

For more information about the IFBOA program, contact your insurance broker or: 

                IFBOA – John Wraga at (781) 860-7403   wraga@ifboa.aero,

                QBE –   www.qbena.com/aviation/our-products