Keep a Tight Cabin with New Rudder Pedal Seals

Creedmoor, NC, August 2012 – Flying a pressurized Twin Commander means flying in comfort above most of the weather at high true airspeeds and low fuel consumption, but doing all of that assumes the pressurization system is in tip-top shape, with no leaks in the pressure vessel. Twin Commander Aircraft LLC has just developed a kit that ensures good results in an area that can be difficult to protect from pressurization leaks--the rudder-pedal horns.


Leaks in the boots that enclose the rudder-pedal horns can result in noticeable loss of pressure differential, which means a higher cabin altitude at cruise. Twin Commander’s new rudder-pedal seal kit includes a plug for the rudder-pedal horns/brake valve arms and improved boots that help preserve cockpit and cabin pressurization.


The new kit replaces original factory-installed plugs on the rudder-pedal horns and brake links with an enhanced-material design. The rudder pedal boots are secured to the new-design plugs for a tight seal to prevent pressurized air in the cabin from leaking out.


The new rudder-pedal seal kit is in stock at authorized Twin Commander Service Centers as CK-184 for Twin Commander models 680, 685, 690, and 690A/B/C; and CK-185 for the 690D and 695A.


For more information contact Matt Isley at, 919.956.4323 or