TeamSAI M&E Solutions Extends & Expands Services to Global Aviation Holdings

Atlanta, GA – TeamSAI M&E Solutions is pleased to announce the renewal and expansion of its technical services to now include Global Aviation Holding’s North American Airlines unit in addition to World Airways. The relationship began in 2009 when TeamSAI reached a three year agreement with its World Airways unit, providing various technical support services, including Engineering Services, Maintenance Programs, and Reliability Analysis and Reporting.  

Under the new agreement, the scope of services provided to World Airways has been expanded in the Reliability area to include Chronic Aircraft Troubleshooting and Deep Dive Root Cause Analysis while the scope with North American has been expanded to a level consistent with World Airways. Chris Doan, TeamSAI Chairman and CEO, noted that; “This agreement moves M&E Solutions forward to a new level of sustainability through their proven ability to meet client expectations.”

“Over the last three years TeamSAI has delivered on their commitment to provide time sensitive and high quality technical services that support our company’s reliability performance and cost goals.  They have functioned and integrated well with our technical operations staff in a seamless way that made this decision easy,” said Charlie McDonald, President of Global Aviation Holdings.

David A. Marcontell, TeamSAI President and COO commented that; “As our launch customer, World Airways has been instrumental to the success of M&E Solutions and we are delighted with their decision to renew their services agreement.” David went on to say: “The inclusion of North American Airlines to our growing customer list affirms that the industry is ready for highly qualified and cost effective technical support service providers; a market TeamSAI is uniquely positioned to fill.”

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