Soloy Observation Seat STC Approved for 206G

OLYMPIA, WA - Soloy Aviation Solutions has added the Cessna U206G/TU206G models to their approval list for its law enforcement Observation Seat modification designed specifically for surveillance operations. “We currently have approval for the Cessna 206H models,” said Dave Stauffer, CEO. “We’ve expanded our offerings with the inclusion of the G model Stationair that will open the option to more operators.”

The Observation Seat is the central component to Soloy’s Rear Observer’s Station package. The package includes an oversized left side observation window combined with the 270-degree articulating observer’s seat. The 206H model includes a headliner which is re-contoured for additional headroom and four point harnesses are installed for the flight crew’s safety.


Dave Stauffer, Soloy’s CEO said “the 206G model modifications require the customers to supply a Cessna 206H seat for use with the modification. Soloy has a few seats currently available but the supply is limited.” Stauffer recommends those interested in this modification to contact Soloy for more details.


Soloy Aviation Solutions


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