Kaba Debuts Self-Boarding Gates at the New McCarren Airport Terminal 3

Winston-Salem, NC - August 16, 2012 - As part of the new state-of-the-art multi-billion dollar Terminal 3 (T3), which opened June 27, 2012 at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, NV, the Kaba Self-Boarding Gates made their United States debut.  MaCarran International Airport is the seventh-largest airport in the United States, serving more than 41 million passengers annually.  Kaba builds on the experience garnered at installations in Vienna, Frankfurt, Rome, and other airport terminals throughout Europe.  The expertise acquired internationally by Kaba in providing integrated solutions for protecting people and property has found a natural application in the airport sector, which has specific requirements for access control solutions.


"Self-boarding technology is the future for today's aviation industry," says David Wurtz, Director of Business Development, Physical Access Systems, for Kaba Access and Data Systems - Americas.  "The automation of passenger processing begins with self-check in, and now extends the ability for passengers to board the aircraft by scanning on their own, the same boarding pass generated by self-check in technology.  The self-boarding gate offers numerous time and cost saving opportunities, including reduced wait times, reduced costs due to better managing the boarding process, and higher capacity utilization for the airport.  Self-boarding frees agents from scanning boarding passes; allowing them to focus on customer service and other issues requiring individual attention, which result in more on time departures and an overall improvement in the total passenger experience."


Every gate in McCarran's new T3 terminal is configured with a Kaba Self-Boarding Gate.  The security gate installed is the ideal solution for optimizing passenger flow, and making access and boarding pass check faster and easier, without compromising security or comfort. A high security level is ensured by a system of infrared protection sensors integrated within the structure, which allows secure and safe access to every single passenger, even those with carry-on luggage.


"It is an easy-to-use application," says Stephen Pollack, Director of Marketing for Kaba ADS - Americas.  "The user is guided through the very short check-in procedure by means of signaling lights and a display. Upon verification of the boarding pass, the passenger will see a confirmation of flight, area, remaining time etc."  This solution is not intended to replace staff, but rather offers them the opportunity to better service the airlines' customers by freeing their time during the boarding process.


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