Ipsen Inc.

Ipsen U Continues to Move Ipsen and its Customers Forward

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – As Ipsen U continues to grow and expand, updates have been made to bring the program’s rising number of participants the most current and beneficial information in an accessible way. The most exciting development is the new layout of the program, which follows a modular format that includes multiple instructors utilizing their expertise to inform participants about the different aspects of their furnaces and to assist them to better their processes. The modular format allows participants to interact with many different Ipsen experts and have their questions answered.

Ipsen U allows customers direct access to the tools that put furnace maintenance and upkeep into their own hands. 16 customers enrolled in Ipsen’s latest Ipsen U session, held August 6-8 at the Cherry Valley, IL, facility. One participant commented, “It helped me have a better, overall understanding of how the furnace works.” Ipsen U is ever-evolving to continue helping Ipsen and its customers be the best at what they do.

With participants coming in the varied levels of industry knowledge, the course covers a wide-range of vacuum furnace topics including:

  • Introduction to Vacuum Furnaces
  • Why Vacuum
  • Introduction to Heat Treating
  • Components of a Furnace
  • Furnace Sub-Systems
  • Leak Detection
  • Surveys
  • Maintenance
  • And more!

Remaining 2012 Ipsen U Classes:

  • October 16-18

Anyone who is interested in attending Ipsen U is encouraged to contact Carol Crawford at 815-332-2518 or carol.crawford@ipsenusa.com to register, or register online at http://www.ipsenusa.com/ipsenu.