Soloy Finds Solution to Woodward Propeller Governor Overhaul

Olympia, WA - Soloy Aviation Solutions has completed the drawings and testing for a propeller governor replacement for the Soloy Cessna 206/207 MKI Turbine Pac. Soloy has used the Woodward propeller governor exclusively until Woodward transferred this line of products to Honeywell.

“While the Soloy gearboxes seem to last forever, vendor supplied accessories come and go based on the supplier’s business needs,” stated Dave Stauffer, CEO of Soloy. “We were fortunate to find a manufacturer with lower acquisition and competitive overhaul costs that Soloy MKI operators will find a welcomed relief,” he added.

The solution for the Soloy MKI is MT-Propeller, a manufacturer of composite propellers who came through with an alternate governor that was approved in Germany as a PMA replacement.

“After almost  30 years of successful service, it’s possible that the Soloy Turbine-Pac gearbox drive system with the MT-Propeller governor will still be around in another 30 years,” Stauffer asserted.

Soloy Aviation Solutions 

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