Leading Edge Institute Opens Training Facilities at Addison Airport, TX for the Aviation Cosmetic Detailing Professional

Addison, TX July 2012 — Leading Edge Technology, the parent of Leading Edge Institute, announced today the recent opening of their ‘Leading Edge Institute’ located at the Addison, TX airport, to provide a three day certification program for aviation detailing professionals interested in acquiring knowledge in the safe and proper procedures for detailing all aspects of exterior and interiors of jet aircraft.

“You will find the Leading Edge Institute to be the most accurate, informative and comprehensive aircraft detailing school ever presented!” said Richard Needham, President of Leading Edge Technology, the parent company of Leading Edge Institute. Because experienced professionals teach our courses, Leading Edge Institute offers the students the art of professional aircraft detailing. After completing the prescribed courses, each student will receive a certificate of achievement.

“Our goal at Leading Edge Institute is to provide aircraft detailers with the knowledge of how to maintain the highest standards of aircraft cosmetics,” said Richard Needham, Director of training for the Institute. “This knowledge not only teaches the highest standards of aircraft cosmetics but also instructs the student what Aircraft Approved products, procedures and tools are required to perform each detailing task with the greatest efficiency and safety for the aircraft and the person performing each task,” Richard added.

Leading Edge Institute was established in 1995 in Dallas,Texas, to provide training in the Aircraft Cosmetic Detailing Industry.

You will find the Leading Edge Institute to be the most accurate, informative, comprehensive and first of its kindAircraftDetailingSchool ever presented.

Since the formation of Leading Edge Institute, we have taught the art of aircraft cosmetic detailing to over 375 Entrepreneurs, FBO’s, Flight Departments and Pilots from all over the world;

For additional information contact:

Richard Needham-Director of Training, Leading Edge Institute