Morgan Technical Ceramics Wesgo Metals Achieves AS9100C Certification

Morgan Technical Ceramics Wesgo Metals has achieved the coveted AS9100:2009 Revision C certification, the most advanced Quality Management System for the aviation, space, and defense (ASD) industries. Known as a global leader in brazing services, Morgan Technical Ceramics Wesgo Metals (MTC Wesgo Metals) focuses on value added solutions for precious and non-precious alloy manufacturing, active brazing technology (including turnkey braze services) and pre-sintered preform (PSP) products.

The certification means that its products will be listed on OASIS, the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) Online Aerospace Supplier Information System, widely used by major ASD manufacturers for purchasing goods and services.

MTC Wesgo Metals achieved the certification following a rigorous formal audit by BSI, a leading global independent organization providing standard-based services in more than 140 countries. The audit reviewed MTC Wesgo Metals practices and confirmed that its Quality Management System met the requirements of the standard. The review included such areas as risk management, analysis and mitigation, project management, and customer satisfaction.

AS9100C is supported by the by the world's leading aerospace companies, including, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Rolls Royce Allison, General Electric Aircraft Engines and NASA. Certification to AS9100C demonstrates MTC Wesgo Metal’s commitment to a standard of quality and to improved product and process quality. It provides a higher level of confidence for global sourcing and ensures a common quality system approach in the supply chain for supplier/subcontractor development and consistency. The certification also affirms high levels of traceability throughout the supply chain.

BSI especially complimented MTC Wesgo Metal’s foreign object elimination program, which is critical to aeroengine manufacturers. They noted, “A very extensive and effective foreign object elimination and detection program has been implemented and is visible throughout the facility.” Quarterly audits, employee feedback and visual signage support the program. Traceability, from the raw materials used in all MTC Wesgo Metal’s processes, to the product certification at time of shipment, also scored highly during the audit.

According to Karen Rowley, MTC Wesgo Metal’s quality assurance manager, the business has long held the ISO 9001 quality management certification, but achieving the AS9100C standard provides major ASD original equipment manufacturers with even greater confidence in Wesgo Metal’s internal quality systems. “Wesgo Metal’s has been producing to the highest standards for more than 80 years. This certification reinforces the fact that our products are produced in accordance with the most stringent quality management standards in the industry.”