New Zealand Aviation Industry Reaches New Heights at the Largest Aviation Convention in the World

OSHKOSH, WI, July 23, 2012 — New Zealand is building upon its long history of aviation achievements with a wave of new products, technologies and services aimed at the international aviation community. At this year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh convention (July 23-29), New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) will assemble New Zealand's top aircraft and equipment manufacturers, software developers and related aviation companies.

“Aviation is currently a US$7.9 billion industry for New Zealand and is forecast to reach as much as US$11.9 billion by 2015, which will represent a growth rate of 9 percent per year,” noted Peter Smyth, aviation program manager at NZTE. “Growth has been driven by a combination of innovation and scientific creativity coupled with an engineering and technical workforce that has made New Zealand a key player in international aviation.”

The Honorable Maurice Williamson, a Minister of the New Zealand Government, and representatives of all New Zealand companies present at this year’s exhibition will hold a news conference on Tuesday, July 24 at 9:00 a.m. at the New Zealand pavilion, site 406. Minister Williamson will discuss the breadth and strength of New Zealand’s aviation industry, including the sectors and businesses represented.

New Zealand companies are active in markets around the world, supplying complete fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, components, software for tracking aircraft, security products, materials handling and billing systems and a range of other products, technologies and services.  Customers include major defense and commercial manufacturers, airlines, airports, government agencies and individual aviation enthusiasts.

Oshkosh is one of the premier venues for displaying aviation technology. NZTE is proud to help tell the story of New Zealand’s achievements in the aviation industry.

The following New Zealand companies will be represented at Oshkosh:

Pacific Aerospace will launch and display its new P-750XSTOL extended range short takeoff and landing aircraft. The P-750XSTOL is FAA-approved for passenger flights and carries nine passengers. It can take off with less than 800 feet of runway and has a maximum range of 1,356 miles (2,183 Kilometers).  They will be signing a significant contract at Oshkosh.

Composite Helicopters will present the KC518, the world’s first all-composite frameless (monocoque) helicopter which recently had its inaugural flight.  It can seat up to six people, has a single-engine turbine and was designed initially for the experimental amateur-built kit market.

Auroa Helicopters is exhibiting the world’s first two-seat, all-composite, turbine-powered helicopter. It features the ability to decouple itself to simulate engine failure, which makes it ideal as a training helicopter.

KiwiPropellers is launching its first propeller, designed by American John McGuiness, for the U.S. home-built RV owners.  This new design is more efficient and quieter than a standard propeller. A small number will be available for sale at the show.

Falcomposite’s Furio aerobatic kit aircraft, with the feel of a fighter aircraft, has FAA approval for U.S sales, and can be purchased at the show.

Aircraft Ground Handling Solutions is launching its Aircraft Orbit Lifter that fits under a tricycle undercarriage and allows aircraft to move using remote control. It will be demonstrated during the show.

Duke Engines will soon to begin manufacturing and distributing its axial-piston internal combustion engine, which boasts an impressive weight-to-power ratio.

TracMap is releasing the new TracMap SAR system which links to TracLink, a web-based application allowing users to create search patterns and receive information back showing coverage to dates and points of interest. TracMap SAR provides the pilot with guidance and ensures no misses or overlaps, providing accurate coverage. 

Classic Aero Machining Service manufactures small to medium batches of specialized parts for World War I, World War II, and experimental aircraft.

Redfort is a leading specialist in transporting aircraft around the world.