Max-Viz Presents Data on Optional EVS to Cessna Sales Team at Oshkosh

PORTLAND, Ore., July 20, 2012 – Max-Viz Inc. will provide detailed information on the company’s real-time enhanced vision system to Cessna’s Propeller Authorized Sales Representatives meeting in Wisconsin for EAA AirVenture 2012, which begins July 23 and runs through July 29 in Oshkosh.

The Max-Viz infrared Enhanced Vision System EVS-600 is offered by Cessna Aircraft as a factory option on new Cessna 172, 182 and 206 aircraft. Beyond turning night into day, the system also provides additional situational awareness for Cessna pilots who want to visually penetrate haze, light fog, smoke and precipitation during restricted visibility flight conditions.

“This presentation to Cessna’s propeller sales forces gives Max-Viz another opportunity to demonstrate the safety advantages of real-time situational awareness to the aviation community,” said Max-Viz Vice President of Business Development Lou Churchville. “Once pilots and operators become familiar with the additional safety of the Max-Viz Enhanced Vision System they immediately recognize how necessary it is in obscured vision situations.”

The EVS-600 utilizes long-wave uncooled infrared technology to blend the imagery from an additional visible light sensor to the thermal sensor, which is presented on the display as a single 40-degree-wide image through the use of patented image fusion software. The EVS-600 provides the highest performance EVS available for general aviation aircraft.

The EVS-600 was designed to fill the need for general aviation piston and slower single-engine turboprop fixed wing aircraft. EVS-600 uses much of the same advanced technology as the EVS-1500, but without the optical zoom or dual field of view features. EVS-600 is rated for operations below 250 knots indicated airspeed and altitude at or below flight level 250 (25,000 feet).

About Max-Viz, Inc.

Max-Viz designs and markets real-time Enhanced Vision Systems for turbine and piston fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The systems use infrared sensors, signal processing, and advanced cockpit display to show terrain, runways, taxiways, aircraft and obstacles in poor visibility conditions including light fog, haze, smoke, brown/whiteout, light precipitation and darkness. Max-Viz Enhanced Vision Systems are small, reliable and affordable. For more information go to