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Two 6 Bar TurboTreaters Shipped to Gleason Cutting Tools

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Ipsen has shipped two 6 bar TurboTreaters® to Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation located in Loves Park, Ill. The units are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 2,500 F and are capable of quenching in nitrogen up to 6 bar absolute pressure. Standard features include a 2-inch thick carbon composite/graphite felt hot zone. As the furnaces will be used for hardening and tempering, the units were purchased without a diffusion pump and will use convection assisted heating to 1,600 F. The use of convection significantly reduces cycle times. These TurboTreaters are equipped with the newly standardized industrial VPN router, a modem installed so software support personnel can remotely perform diagnostics.

In addition to hardening and tempering, the energy-efficient TurboTreater is ideal for brazing, solution anneal and stress relieving applications, while operating with a high pressure cooling system for fast quenching with 360º cooling uniformity. Its patented gas quenching system design reduces gas consumption up to 40% without sacrificing its high-speed cycle time and reduces floor space requirements, making it the best solution for your most demanding heat treatment projects.

About Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation

Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation is a global leader in gearing technology and the world’s largest gear tool producer. Products and services include machinery for the production, finishing and testing of gears, as well as a worldwide support system which provides cutting tools, workholding, replacement parts, field service, application development services, gear design and inspection software, training programs, engineering support and machine rebuild and upgrade services. Additionally, the company is a leader in gear design theory and in the application, testing and analysis of prototype and production gears. Customers include leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and aircraft, energy, truck, recreational vehicle and power equipment industries.

About Ipsen, Inc.

Ipsen, Inc. designs and manufactures thermal processing systems for a wide variety of markets, including Aerospace, Medical, Energy, Chemical and Automotive. With thousands of installed systems worldwide, whether it's innovative titanium knee implants, making cars more efficient, developing new jet engines or going to the moon, Ipsen delivers quality. For more information visit www.IpsenUSA.com.