PATS Aircraft Systems Contracts BBJ2 Interior Completion Project

Georgetown, DE (July 20, 2012) – PATS Aircraft Systems has executed a contract to perform the VVIP interior completion on a new 737-800 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ2). PATS will perform the interior completion project at its facility in Georgetown, Delaware, on behalf of an Asia Pacific-based, Head-of-State customer.

PATS will oversee all aspects of the highly customized VVIP interior including the integration of the latest available products for passenger comfort, entertainment and utility. The aircraft will have the unique distinction as the first Boeing Business Jet of any model to incorporate the Boeing Sky Interior. The project will be certified through PATS’ on-site Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) on behalf of the FAA.

PATS’ VP of Business Development, Matt Hill, comments, “Our selection to perform this important project, after an exhaustive selection process, speaks to the value, capability and focused services offered by PATS to its exclusive interior completion customers. We look forward to the partnership with our new customer to deliver the highest quality aircraft that embodies the comfort, functionality and aesthetics they have meticulously specified.” Hill continued, “Signing this prestigious project is also another in a long series of successful Head-of-State VVIP interior completion projects that define PATS as a worldwide leader for completions of this type.”

As with all Boeing Business Jets, the BBJ2 aircraft is also equipped with a PATS Auxiliary Fuel System (AFS). The AFS is installed in the forward and aft cargo compartments in a 2FWD/4AFT configuration. The 6-tank configuration is equipped to hold nearly 3,000 gallons of additional fuel allowing for up to 1,500 nautical miles of additional range.

PATS Aircraft Systems is an industry leading supplier of Auxiliary Fuel Systems (AFS) applications, Aerospace Component Manufacturing (including the Hollingsead International product line) and VIP executive aircraft maintenance, modification and executive interior completions services.

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