Heads-Up Display System Makes Flying Easier and Safer for Pilots

Oshkosh, WI – One of the biggest dangers for pilots today is taking their eyes off the skies to read their instrument panel. Now a new solution from Milan, Italy-based PAT Avionics is eliminating this hazard for pilots by allowing them to keep their eyes on the instrument panel and the sky at the same time.


“Heads-up display technology was originally developed by the military because they realized it was a safer way for pilots to fly while making split second decisions,” said Marco Mille, Chief Technology Officer for PAT Avionics. “After three years of research and development, now that same technology is finally available to make experimental and light sport aircraft pilots safer.”


The new G-HULP heads-up or HUD display is the first product of its kind and it allows pilots to easily monitor their airplane’s important information – such as air speed, altitude and course data projected on a transparent glass display right in front of their eyes.


“No longer do pilot have to take their eyes off the sky to check out their critical flight information,” said Mille. “Our solution should make flying much easier to learn and safer for recreational pilots.”


The G-HULP HUD laser projector system is designed for experimental aircraft, light sport aircraft and gliders. It comes in two versions: G-HULP Stand Alone and G-HULP for Dynon SkyView. “It is affordable, lightweight, energy efficient and is very easy to use,” Mille said. “Plus it is fully customizable to meet the needs of any level of pilot – from beginner to the very skilled flier.”


The G-HULP HUD product will debut in the United States at EAA’s AirVenture 2012 in Oshkosh, WI at booth #4128 in Exhibit Building D.


For more information about G-HULP, visit www.patavionics.com.