H6 TITAN Shipped to China, Supported by Global Aftermarket Team

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Ipsen has shipped a 1.9 Bar H6 TITAN® to an industrial energy process management facility in Jiangsu Providence, China. TITAN’s ability to fit in a standard shipping container provides cost-effective shipping overseas, furthering the broad range of benefits offered through the TITAN customer experience.

Outfitted with an all-metal hot zone, this particular TITAN was installed by our comprehensive, global service support team through Ipsen China. This particular furnace includes the optional Hydrogen Partial Pressure system and Technical Service Package, which includes four days of on-site validation of the installation, equipment start-up and control system training.

Ipsen’s Aftermarket Support team extends worldwide and is committed to helping heat treaters achieve and maintain optimum efficiency and productivity by ensuring the highest quality performance from our furnaces well beyond the date of purchase. Ipsen Industrial Furnaces Shanghai (IIFS) has the resources and technical abilities to support our Asian customers 100 percent locally: from arranging contractors and performing turnkey installations to conducting operator and maintenance trainings. Additionally, they are able to provide warranty support and troubleshooting assistance.

The versatile TITAN vacuum furnace, which can be delivered anywhere in the world within 10 weeks, operates in any language and meets global standards. TITAN also allows for a variety of standard processes (including, but not limited to, tempering, annealing, hardening and brazing) and operates 30 percent more energy efficient than comparable models. It’s available in horizontal and vertical models up to 10,000 lbs (4,500 kg) capacity. The TITAN offers a wide range of sizes, speed and uniformity, equipped with a Vacu-Prof® control system to provide enhanced quality, repeatable results and improved operational safety.

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