Tamarack Aerospace Introduces Fuel Saving Throttle Control for Cirrus SR-20/22

Sandpoint, ID – Tamarack Aerospace has received FAA STC approval and a PMA for their new throttle quadrant upgrade for the Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22. The installation separates the single Cirrus “power lever” into two levers: one for throttle and the other to control propeller pitch. A third lever, for mixture control is included.


Flight testing with the improved system revealed a significant decrease in operational costs. Allowing the pilot to optimize Manifold Pressure and RPM settings will reduce fuel flow with a minimal impact on true airspeed (flying “rich-of-peak”). Even more savings can be realized if the pilot elects to accept a reduction in his true airspeed. Running “lean of peak” and reducing RPM has an impact on true airspeed, but flight-testing proved that a pilot can bring down his fuel flow to less than 10 gallons per hour. The separated controls also reduce engine vibrations and noise levels.


Utilizing an anodized console plate, custom milled aluminum Throttle, RPM and Mixture knobs, the upgrade kit combines function and durability with style. Customers can opt to add a boost pump LED light that illuminates anytime the boost pump is activated.


The Throttle Quadrant Kit sells for $3,500 and can be installed by most FAA certified mechanics in a few hours.


“This upgrade give full control of the Cirrus engine and propeller back to the pilot where it belongs,” said Nick Guida, President of Tamarack Aerospace. “The transition is natural since it’s the way all pilots have been taught to fly complex aircraft.”


Anticipating satisfaction, the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.


Tamarack Aerospace is comprised of a group of aerospace, structural and mechanical engineers who have accumulated hundreds of years of experience in working on Type Certificates and STCs. They have applied their talents to certification projects for the Quest, Columbia, Citation, Pilatus, Boeing, Javalin, Spectrum, Pitts Special and Husky aircraft. The company is pursuing a number of STC upgrade projects.