Skystar Becomes First Australasian Ground Handler To Receive ISAGO Certification

The Australasian Aviation Ground Safety Council congratulates member Skystar Airport Services (Skystar), based in Perth, Western Australia, on becoming the first Australasian ground handling company to achieve the international quality assurance and safety certification through the ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) program.

Introduced in May 2008, ISAGO was IATA’s (International Air Transport Association) response to the growth in complexity of airport operations. Bringing together airlines, airports, ground-services providers, regulators, and cargo handlers, the program seeks to address ground accidents and the increasing costs of individual operator audits. Modelled on the IATA Operational Safety Audit program, ISAGO is an audited system conducted using internationally recognised standards.

Until recently, the scope of ground-handling services including: passenger services, baggage handling, load control, and cargo handling were considered too diverse to develop and apply a set of uniform standards. The ISAGO program has developed a mainstay of audit standards, which can be adapted for specific ground-handling activities. The program can be applied to multinational and smaller companies with benefits that include:

  • Supporting safer ground operations, fewer accidents and injuries
  • Eliminating individual audits and providing an internationally recognised and cost-effective alternative
  • Reducing costs in terms of fewer accidents and fewer audits
  • Providing a uniform auditing process through integrated standards to allow a true comparison
  • Improving oversight of safety
  • Integrating auditor training and qualifications
  • Improving quality standards
  • Enhancing the understanding of ground operation high-risk areas.

In Australia, ground handling is a totally open market and differs from the European model, where airports control these services. Here, airlines operate and control ground handling services not airports. Consequently there is a mix of services supplied by international and local companies. Australian airports have welcomed the ISAGO program for the opportunity it offers to provide uniformity in standards for airport operation services.

Since 2001, Skystar has offered comprehensive ground-handling and logistics services to the Australian and New Zealand aviation markets.  Skystar has an integrated approach to provide clients with a single contact point for all their airport ground handling and logistic needs.

In 2011, Skystar handled 12,299 flights, carried approximately 3. million passengers and 55,000 tonnes of baggage, and achieved an impressive 99.5 percent on-time performance record. Skystar also extended their relationships with: Qantas, with the award of a new contract at Karratha Airport; Western Australia; Jetstar, with the award of a new contract at Dunedin Airport, New Zealand; and Cobham Aviation with the award of their terminal handling at Perth Airport.

Skystar can now add to their portfolio of services, the competitive advantage of offering their clients the quality assurance of an internationally recognised safety audit program through their proactive registration and certification with the ISAGO program.