Trade Group Names ASIG Manager Fuels Station Manager Of The Year

ASIG®, an industry leader in aviation services, announced today that Victor Torres, ASIG’s Fuel Facility General Manager for Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (FLL), has been named Fuels Station Manager of the Year by the National Petroleum Management Association (NPMA).

The NPMA is a nonprofit, educational and professional membership organization that collects, interprets, and disseminates information relating to safe, efficient and cost effective petroleum operations and maintenance support.

The Fuels Station Manager of the Year award recognizes those individuals who have made significant achievements in the aviation fuel industry. ASIG is contracted by the airport’s 11 member airline consortium to manage and operate the fuel facility at FLL.

Victor has been involved in commercial and military aviation fuel management for more than 20 years and has served as ASIG’s FLL Fuel Facility General Manager since 2003.

Last year, Victor worked with vendors to develop innovative inspection techniques that allowed for relatively non-intrusive evaluation of fuel facility hydrant pit risers to determine if piping was properly wrapped during construction.

This wrapping prevents corrosion and the potential for fuel releases. Utilizing these techniques it was determined that 71 hydrant pit riser pipes at FLL required modification or replacement.

Despite the intensive and time-consuming process involved to properly repair the airport’s hydrant system, Victor ensured the project was successfully completed with zero flight delays to the airlines. The results of Victor’s thorough root-cause analysis, inventive inspection techniques, and well-designed corrective actions have been shared with other interested stakeholders in order to eliminate potential exposures at similar facilities nationwide.

Larry McMahon, ASIG’s Vice President Fuel Consortiums, commented, “ASIG is very pleased to have one of our staff receive this type of industry recognition from the NPMA. Due to Victor’s extensive understanding of aviation fuel operations ASIG was able to ensure the safety and environmental integrity of the FLL fuel system. His highly effective organization skills resulted in zero downtime for the airlines, airport community and the traveling public. He has clearly demonstrated ASIG’s commitment to delivering exceptional performance to our customers and the aviation community at large. We are proud of the work Victor has accomplished.”