Flabob Airport Makes Strong Showing at AirVenture

Riverside, CA – Flabob Airport will be participating at AirVenture this summer with a high level of activity. They are bringing the Flabob Express, which is a DC-3, a Cabin Waco, owned by Jerry Bartow, which has just come out of the Aero Craftsmen restoration shop and one of Tom Wathen’s famous replica racers from the Golden Age of Air Racing.

The Flabobians will be setting up a display for the duration of AirVenture. Twelve members of The Aviators, an extra-curricular group from Flabob Airport Preparatory Academy will make the trip to Oshkosh. They will spend part of their time at the display, part of it as mentors at KidVenture, and part of it wandering the flightline. All 12 of the students are Young Eagles and will be participating in Young Eagle events at AirVenture. Each one of them also attended Flabob’s Air Academy, which is modeled after EAA’s Air Academy. They have each spent many hours working on one of the many restoration projects underway at Flabob for the benefit of young people and they have all taken flying lessons.

Their trip to AirVenture is being sponsored by the Tom Wathen Center, which owns Flabob Airport. Bill Sawin, President of The Tom Wathen Center, and Kathy Rohm, Manager of Flabob Activities, will accompany the students along with one of their teachers, Gabe Baumert. The delegation will depart for AirVenture on July 20 and return home on July 29.

For more information on The Tom Wathen Center, visit www.Flabob.org.