Attach to Any GA Aircraft with Universal Tow Bar

June 12, 2012—Pasco, WA—Bogert Aviation introduces the 04M-BBU Universal Tow Bar to keeps things simple! One tow bar will now work on virtually any GA aircraft. The 04M-BBU is perfect for any FBO who may be dealing with multiple aircraft or for aircraft owners that have more than one plane or share hangars. Save money and space because you only need to buy and store one tow bar for all your planes!


The Universal Tow Bar carries up to 4 sets of “feet” at all times. It is easy to use, no tools are required to substitute “feet”, and it’s adjustable in length making it easy to hook up to a tug, golf cart, or ATV. The interchangeable feet are sold separately and typically adapt to several models or series of aircraft. “This tow bar is truly unique in that it makes moving several different models of aircraft easy and economical” says owner Richard Bogert.


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