12 Students Selected to Receive $45,000 in Scholarships from San Diego Air & Space Museum & Convair Alumni Association

San Diego, CA - June 8, 2012 - The San Diego Air & Space Museum's mission statement is to inspire young people to tackle the challenges of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics academic disciplines and to make-a-difference in the world through an innovative, adventurous spirit. To further this goal, the Museum & Convair Alumni Association has selected 12 students in the San Diego region to receive $45,000 in scholarships.

The scholarships are given annually on behalf of three Museum administered scholarship funds: Bill Gibbs, R.A. "Ken" Rearwin and the Convair Alumni Association. To-date, 229 talented San Diego students have been awarded $627,500.

“I'm very proud there are many students studying math and science," said Donna Lilly, president of the Endowment Board at the Museum. "The U.S. really needs to keep up with the global market for math and science in the field of technology."

"Every year we interview so many outstanding students," said Charles Pinney, member of the Endowment Board. "Their accomplishments are unbelievable." Jim Kidrick, Museum President commented, "These scholarship programs exemplify our intent to aid deserving students wanting to advance their education - our entire mission is really all about inspiring our next greatest generations to excel in their lives."

Bill Gibbs Endowment Scholars 2012:
Daniel Fugett, San Dieguito High School Academy
Sojung An, Cathedral Catholic High School
Courtney Hesse, Canyon Crest Academy
Kelsey Belmont, Grossmont High School

R.A. Rearwin Endowment Scholars 2012:
Brian Pham, Rancho Buena Vista High School
Joseph Diamond, Point Loma High School

Convair Alumni Association Endowment Scholars 2012:
Elizabeth Hartmeier, Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Julie Medenwald, Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Daniel Roberts, Grossmont High School
Anna Schwab, Poway High School
Watcharapong Sangsuwan, Mar Vista High School
Mark Traganza, Francis Parker High School

Each of the scholars submitted an extensive application listing academic achievement, extracurricular and/or community service activities, teacher recommendations, and an essay. They then were interviewed by a panel of judges to determine the final winners.

The scholarship award ceremony was held Wednesday, June 6, at the San Diego Air & Space Museum's Rearwin Gallery.