Global Program Partners Joint Venture To Manage $6.4 Billion Capacity Enhancement Program At PHL

The CEP is anticipated to take 12 to 15 years to complete and is intended to create a world-class airport for metropolitan Philadelphia

DENVER, June 4, 2012 – The Global Program Partners joint venture, comprised of CH2M HILL, Delon Hampton & Associates (DHA), and CMTS, Inc. (CMTS), has been selected by the City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation to manage the
$6.4-billion Capacity Enhancement Program (CEP) at the Philadelphia International Airport.

CH2M HILL, the lead company in the joint venture, is an international program and construction management firm based in Denver, Colo. DHA and CMTS are certified Minority Business Enterprise firms, and recognized industry leaders in program and construction management. Both DHA and CMTS are excited about opening their new Philadelphia offices; CH2M HILL opened its local office in 1974.

This is the largest new aviation program in the United States as well as one of the most complex. The CEP is intended to create a world-class airport for metropolitan Philadelphia that will serve as a new and modern global gateway to the region.

"The Global Program Partners joint venture brings the expertise and experience necessary in managing the project office for the Capacity Enhancement Program," said Rina Cutler, Deputy Mayor, Transportation and Utilities. "We are pleased to have them on board for the CEP, which is vital to our Airport and the Philadelphia region both in terms of economic viability and jobs growth. Having a project management office in place is the next big step in the CEP process."

CH2M HILL’s International Division President Jacque Rast, serving in the executive role of principle-in-charge for Global Program Partners, said, “The Capacity Enhancement Program will be the city’s largest economic development effort in a generation, creating tens of thousands of jobs for Philadelphia area residents. The program will also have a transformative effect throughout this great region, creating a modern domestic and international gateway. The Global Program Partners team is committed to seeing that the project’s twin priorities—the physical transformation of the airport into a world-class facility, and the economic advancement of the local workforce—are realized. We are honored to help the City of Philadelphia deliver on these commitments.”

The CEP, led by CH2M HILL’s Jhan Schmitz, is anticipated to take 12 to 15 years to complete, and includes the following major infrastructure improvements:

  • Construction of one new runway and the extension of two existing runways with associated taxiway and navigational aids improvements
  • Reconfiguration, upgrade and expansion of the existing terminal complex in its existing location
  • Construction of an Automated People Mover to transport people between terminals and parking facilities
  • Construction of a new centralized ground transportation center, consolidated rental car facilities and associated parking facilities
  • Construction of new airport support facilities, including aircraft rescue and firefighting, new corporate hangars, a relocated and expanded fuel farm, a new supplemental deicing facility, relocation of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Control Tower, a new centralized airport maintenance facility, a new Cargo City facility and relocation of a UPS facility

“The Capacity Enhancement Program is the country’s largest and most technically complex airport modernization initiative,” said CH2M HILL’s program manager Jhan Schmitz. “Workforce development needs will be a main focus for us considering the complexity of this project, with almost every part of the airport being impacted in some way during the life of the program. One of our first tasks will be to develop a jobs plan to ensure an appropriate workforce is available in line with the program schedule and needs.”

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