Aspen Avionics Announces Two-Year Extended Product Warranty Program

Albuquerque, NM, June 1, 2012: Aspen Avionics, Inc. announced today a
significant price reduction for the company’s Extended Product Warranty Program
available for Evolution Flight Display products. The program now provides two-year
coverage for a small increase over the previous one-year program pricing, effectively
cutting the cost in half. Customers may now extend Aspen Avionics’ industry
leading, no-nonsense factory warranty by two-year increments. Available through
Aspen’s authorized dealer network, the Extended Product Warranty covers
exchange or remanufacture of the entire Evolution Flight Display System, including
the Evolution Flight Display, the Analog Converter Unit, the Configuration Module
and the Remote Sensor Module, for the term of the extended warranty period.

The Extended Product Warranty is purchased for each individual Evolution Flight
Display installed, with discounted pricing available for multiple flight displays. The
single display two-year extended warranty lists at $795. For two displays installed in
the same panel the extended warranty lists at $1095. Evolution 2500 customers who
purchase the extended warranty for two displays will receive coverage for their
additional MFD free of charge.

Evolution Flight Display owners have the option to purchase the two-year extended
product warranty any time before their existing warranty expires. For those customers whose flight displays are already out of factory warranty, Aspen is extending a grace period from June 1, 2012 through July 31, 2012.

“This is a phenomenal value for our customers and we strongly encourage anyone
who is out of warranty to take advantage of this last chance opportunity,” said Mark
Ferrari, Aspen’s Vice President of Sales and Customer Service. “The new pricing
structure makes it that much easier to afford ongoing protection of your avionics

In addition, Aspen will provide affordable options for customers whose warranty has
lapsed and choose not to participate in the Extended Product Warranty program.
Units may be exchanged or rebuilt at the following rates: exchange or rebuilt units
will be priced at $1995 and will carry a one-year warranty. Exchange or rebuilt units
will be returned with the all the latest factory hardware and software installed.
Component remanufactures will range from $695 to $1035 and will carry a 90-day

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