EDT Offshore chooses Megadoor for new hangar complex

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is proud to announce that they have secured an order from EDT Offshore for installation of a Megadoor hangar door for a new hangar complex inCyprus.


EDT Offshore began operations in Limassol, Cyprusin 1980 as ship managers and operators. After more than twenty-five years of work dedicated to achieving world-class standards, EDT has become a highly successful and well respected organization.

EDT is a supplier of high specification offshore support vessels to the oil and gas industry worldwide. Our vessels also support survey, diving and ROV operations and have assisted in military and civilian aircraft wreckage recoveries. 


EDT has two aircraft that are indispensible to the functioning and operation of the company.Cyprusairports are considered a highly corrosive environment due to their proximity to the sea and the salt lakes that surround Larnaca airport. With the construction and completion of the hangar project in Paphos airport EDT is hoping to not only provide hangar services for its own corporate aircraft but to many aircraft that visit the island for both business and pleasure.


EDT’s goal is not only to supply hangar services but to expand to a range of services that will set the standard on the island for Business aviation.


Matthew Webb of EDT comments, “The hangar door was a major consideration in the overall design of the building and after considerable research, we selected Megadoor vertical lifting fabric doors because of their ability to operate in extreme environments and maximise the useable space, as no side pockets or floor tracks are required. Megadoor design engineers have assisted our Consultants with the door and building interface and we look forward to a successful completion of the project”. The door is split in two, separated by a swing up mullion, giving a clear opening of 32m wide and 9m high, enabling the hangar to accept all business type aircraft up to Global Express and Gulfstream G 650. The curtain will be translucent to allow natural daylight into the hangar and thus reduce the need for artificial lighting. 



For more information about the installation, please contact: Matthew Webb (EDT) matthew.webb@edtoffshore.com  or Alan Clark (Megadoor) alan.clark@assaabloy.com


Megadoor is a world-leading ASSA ABLOY brand focusing on solutions for exceptional access needs within specific industry segments such as Aviation, Shipyards, Mining, Waste and Recycling. Megadoor is represented in over 30 countries and is a part of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.