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Olympic Spotlight: Wiggins Airways Offers Trans-Atlantic Travelers Convenience, Service, and AVTRIP Rewards

MANCHESTER, NH / May 24, 2012 / INTERNATIONAL AVIATION NEWS / The Summer Olympics are still several months away, but Avfuel-branded Wiggins Airways in Manchester, NH – a favorite of trans-Atlantic travelers - is putting the finishing touches on plans to maximize customers’ Olympic experiences.


Wiggins Airways’ Joshua Nehiley, Vice President Line Service, points out that Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) is an attractive US departure/entry point for a number of reasons, including its convenient US Customs service. “Customs are located in a dedicated facility. We service aircraft on the customs ramp. There’s no need to bus customers to a separate terminal,” he said, adding that customs service is free and that the airport customs office will be extending business hours to cater to increased traffic during the Olympics. Service is efficient, but friendly. “Our customs officers are believers in customer service,” said Nehiley. “They treat people how they would like to be treated.”


Wiggins Airways boasts modern facilities, including a recently refurbished lobby, providing the utmost in accessibility and comfort. Ground handling is available for any size corporate aircraft, and quick turns are an FBO specialty. MHT’s Category III approaches allow for landings in all weather conditions, and the airport offers 60 airline flights, connecting with most airline hubs.


“Wiggins Airways is always the consummate choice for trans-Atlantic travel. We offer a complete package of efficiency, luxury, and top-notch service,” said Nehiley. “The Olympics gives us the opportunity to showcase our facilities and capabilities to a wider audience. We can’t wait to show these customers what we can do.”


Wiggins Airways will be offering a sizeable incentive to trans-Atlantic travelers departing between July 15 and September 15, 2012: 10 AVTRIP Points per gallon of fuel purchased. Any customer with an itinerary to England will be eligible for the AVTRIP promotion.
In addition to the 10 AVTRIP Points per gallon being offered by the FBO, Olympic-bound customers of Wiggins Airways are eligible to collect 20,000 bonus AVTRIP Points as part of the


“Fly Avfuel-to-Avfuel” promotion. AVTRIP Members must take off and purchase fuel from Avfuel-branded FBOs stateside, land at and purchase fuel at Avfuel-branded FBOs in the UK and plan their travel through Avplan Trip Support to receive the bonus points. Details are available at www.avfuel.com.


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Contacts: Wiggins Airways: Joshua Nehiley, Vice President Line Service, 603-629-9191,
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