Airbus Corporate Jet Centre receives award for tenth VIP cabin delivery as an Airbus approved outfitter

The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC), the specialist in Airbus Corporate Jet VIP cabin completion and customised nose-to-tail services, received an award on Monday 14th May to celebrate ten successful Airbus corporate jet cabin deliveries.


Having achieved the milestone of ten successful cabin deliveries as a member of Airbus’ network of approved outfitters, ACJC was honoured by an Award presented on Monday 14th May by the Airbus Corporate Jets business unit.


“Since its creation in 2007, the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre has been successful in fulfilling Airbus’ requirements as an Airbus approved outfitter. Throughout these ten cabin programmes, we have continued to build our reputation by setting new standards in luxury, excellence and innovation,” says Benoit Defforge, ACJC Chief Executive Officer.


“We will soon celebrate our 5th anniversary, which will be the opportunity to emphasize our unequalled experience in outfitting the cabins of Airbus corporate jets. Including the seven years of interior outfitting by our predecessor EADS Sogerma Toulouse, whose workforce became our own, ACJC now has 22 Airbus Corporate Jet cabin deliveries to its credit, making it the indisputable Airbus corporate jets specialist,” he adds.



Airbus Corporate Jet Centre


Dedicated to providing quality cabin-outfitting and innovative packages of customised nose-to-tail services for Airbus ACJ Family aircraft, the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) is small enough to provide personal service to customers with around 230 employees, but is also backed by the full resources of its shareholder, Airbus, the world's largest manufacturer of modern airliners.

Based in Toulouse, France, ACJC has already contracted with prestigious customers in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. It attributes its success to a strong technical background, plus highly skilled employees that have now completed 22 VIP cabins for Airbus aircraft, including former EADS Sogerma deliveries. The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre also specialises in tailor-made services and maintenance for ACJs, including the A320, A330 and A340 families. Increasing its teams and the capacity of its facilities, the company recently launched VIP Pass, a package of nose-to-tail services developed for executive and private operators of Airbus corporate jets.