Tempest Introduces Newly Formulated T556 Spark Plug Thread Lube Anti-Seize

Various forms of spark plug thread lube anti-seize have been around for years, but many experience the same application problem: they ball up and are very difficult to spread evenly across the threads.  Tempest, the innovator of aviation products, wasn't satisfied and believed a better solution could be formulated.  After many months of development, we believe we have found the solution!  We are pleased to introduce Tempest T556 newly formulated spark plug thread lube anti-seize. 


Tempest T556 comes packaged with a brush that applies the lubricant to the threads with a smooth even flow.  Tempest T556 doesn't drip, and more importantly, won't inadvertently run down on the firing end of the spark plug potentially causing an environment conducive to fouling or even pre-ignition.  It stays where you put it and covers like a blanket on the first pass!


Tempest T556 anti-seize is in stock and available now at your authorized Tempest distributor.  To order or check price and availability, please click on the link below to locate the Tempest distributor of your choice.


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