Essential Flight Technology and NavWorx Team Up to Produce Apple iOS-based ADS-B Weather Solution

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Essential Flight Technology, Inc. and NavWorx®, Inc. announced a strategic partnership to produce portable ADS-B weather solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Essential Flight Technology (EFT) will be the exclusive distributor for the Apple iOS-based version of the PADS® WxBox™.

ADS-B weather is a freely broadcast service of the Next Generation Air Transportation System. Properly equipped aircraft will receive subscription-free weather reports and weather radar through Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B). The EFT and NavWorx® solution enables these services in the cockpit of any aircraft.

“We are pleased to announce the development of a wireless ADS-B solution to support all major software platforms in the cockpit without tying customers to a specific charting solution. Our Chartflier technology is designed to work on all platforms allowing EFT to integrate with any vendors wishing to make flying safer by making ADS-B in-cockpit weather more accessible and affordable,” said Colin Bitterfield, President of Essential Flight Technology. “We are excited to see the new PADS® WxBox™ integrate directly with Essential Flight Technology’s Chartflier software. Additionally, we believe in making ADS-B weather technology available regardless of which charting solution a pilot chooses.”

Essential Flight Technology provides weather and traffic software development kits (SDK) for the entire NavWorx® product line on the .NET platform, with iOS and Android SDK support coming soon. EFT intends to work closely with its partners and vendors to share this technology.

The Apple iOS, more specifically iPad, version of the PADS® WxBox™ from NavWorx® is available for pre-order today, with introductory pricing of $795 through August 1, 2012. After August 1, standard pricing ($895) will apply. The first devices are expected to ship by August 2012. To pre-order, visit Essential Flight Technology online at