How Would You Like to Own a Mercury Space Capsule?

The Space and Aviation Autograph and Artifact Auction is scheduled to take place from May 17 to May 23, 2012.

* American flag flown on the historic Apollo 11 mission, and attached to an official NASA certificate with an authentic Neil Armstrong signature.

* A flown Apollo 11 Robbins medallion from the former collection of Apollo 12 moonwalker Alan Bean, as well as an extremely rare Apollo 12 “Wives-pin” Robbins medallion with diamond stud and pin-back.

* A lunar surface flown Apollo 15 Lunar Rover commemorative license plate that was carried by mission commander Dave Scott for over 17 miles across the lunar surface.

* An incredible, large flown lunar module stowage bag from the Apollo 15 mission stained with lunar dust from the Hadley-Apennine region of the moon.

* A rare and complete Apollo 17 flown tool kit, believed to be the last complete tool set in existence and available for private collectors!

* There are also a host of rare and vintage training used hardware and documentation, including a scarce Block II Command Module Rotational Hand Controller; an absolutely * one-of-a-kind Apollo Lunar Module water loop designed to go from space suit to the console in the Lunar Module; and an amazing, 46 page complete Apollo 13 Command * * * Service Module Data Systems training manual, signed and certified by Fred Haise, the Apollo 13 lunar module pilot.

Additionally, this auction features a shop-tested “modular servicing tool” (aka – “screwdriver”) used during training for the STS-41C Solar Max repair mission. The importance of this device and shuttle mission cannot be understated, as no one in human history had retrieved an orbiting satellite, repaired it, and redeployed it in the same mission. This training tool was integral in making that mission possible.

Collectors of original contractor models will not be disappointed, either. Among many of the contractor rocket and satellite models, this auction will present an original, museum built ¼ scale precision model of a 1961 Mercury Redstone capsule. The massive and detailed model, measuring 38” long with a 23” diameter base, includes a highly detailed Mercury astronaut  in full spacesuit, with hands on the controls and a large instrument panel.

And an RR Auction would not be complete without hundreds of originally signed photos, letters, and manuscripts. Of particular note, is a fascinating and vast personal archive from Apollo 15 Astronaut Jim Irwin, including 80 handwritten pages and notes for his book which describe in detail his moonwalk, the space craft design, the Apollo 15 cover scandal, and multiple other interesting topics.

“This auction truly is an aviation and space enthusiast’s dream-come-true, with some of the most amazing lots of authentic and vintage material we’ve ever offered,” said Livingston. “Obviously, there are too many lots to list in a single press release. It will be exciting to watch the market’s reaction to this incredible material when the auction goes online!”

For more information on additional lots, including how to order a catalog and bid online, please go to the RR Auction website at

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