ITP In Service Support Signs an Engine Maintenance Contract with Airbus Military

ITP In Service Support has signed a contract with EADS Airbus Military (AM) for the maintenance of CT-7 and TPE 331 engines fitted in their CN-235 and C-212 aircraft, respectively. The contract covers five years.

The agreement serves to confirm the excellent relationship between the two companies, who have been working together for the last few years and have now formalised arrangements for these engines to be sent by Airbus Military to ITP.

The contract covers a wide range of services. Not only does it fix the terms and conditions for all maintenance operations carried out on engines sent by Airbus Military to ITP for repair,  it also covers every form of support, be it online (should the customer so require) or at ITP facilities. These actions are aimed at ensuring the provision of the best possible customer service delivered in the fastest and most efficient way.

The CN-235 and the C-212 are twin-engined turboprop aircraft designed for tactical transport and naval patrols. They are fitted with CT-7 (General Electric) and TPE331 (Honeywell) engines, maintained by ITP at their Ajalvir and Albacete facilities.

ITP In-Service Support has its own work centres in Ajalvir (Madrid), Albacete, the UK, Malta and the US with a total of more than 500 workers. It is the official maintenance service provider for the majority of the world’s currently active engine manufacturers and can today offer an integrated In-Service Support solution that includes spares management, payment by flying hour and every type of logistical service.