Charleston Executive Airport installs first U-Fuel Box fuel station

U-Fuel (www.ufuel.com), a leading supplier of fuel stations to the aviation industry, announces the installation of its first advanced “Box” fuel station at the Atlantic Aviation FBO at the Charleston Executive Airport (JZI), Charleston, SC. First announced in 2011, U-Fuel's patented Box systems represent the state of the art in self-service aviation fuel stations, placing all critical components and the fuel tank within a strong fire resistant panel enclosure, providing an unprecedented level of fire safety and isolation from the environment. Pre-engineered and pre-fabricated, these highly-affordable systems can be easily trucked to an airport and installed within a few days. They are available as single- or two-product systems with tank capacities from 1,000-10,000 gallons.


Asked why his company chose U-Fuel's system,  Paul Aiken, Operations Manager for Atlantic Aviation JZI, explained : “As a member of the premier network of FBO’s, Atlantic Aviation, our operation at JZI takes pride in providing our customers with the highest level of personal service while maintaining an optimal level of safety.  When we decided to put a self-service Avgas fuel station on the field, I searched for a system that would meet our standards in service and safety.  I found that and more in the Box Station from U-Fuel, all at a significantly lower cost than any other comparable system.  This pre-fabricated, self-contained station exceeded all requirements for permitting and allowed for a quick installation with minimal upkeep.  I am very pleased with the final product and my customers are very pleased to have a lower cost Avgas option on the field.” 


Mike Webb, founder and president of U-Fuel, comments on the importance of this new station for the North American market: "Our new Box system is the result of a two-year effort to develop a lower-cost, turnkey, self-service fuel station to better serve the requirements of General Aviation. Many airports need to upgrade antiquated - and in many instances unsafe - fuel systems. In other cases, they are preparing for a future which will include new, lead-free fuels for piston-engine aircraft. Self-service fueling lowers the cost of fuel storage and sales for any aviation fuel, including Jet-A, and its availability 24/7 is appreciated by all pilots."


For more information, contact Kent Misegades at U-Fuel, kent@ufuel.com, 919-946-7096.