Aviapartner Academy Trains With Inflatable Embraer

With its continuous focus on safety and the skills of its staff, Aviapartner has introduced in Brussels an inflatable aircraft-mock-up as a new tool for practical ramp handling training.

Key-trainer Marc Anckaert: "The aircraft, a replica of an Embraer (ERJ135), will mainly be used for training of staff and customers on de-icing and positioning of equipment. The size of the Aviapartner Embraer can be compared with the real thing."

With this unique training tool, Aviapartner makes it possible to train ground staff in real-live circumstances without the risk of damaging a real aircraft. This is a major step in enhancing the quality of the equipment training whilst at the same time reducing the safety risk to zero.

The Aviapartner Academy provides training on ground handling for passenger services, operations, ramp handling and cargo handling. Theoretical and / or practical training can be organised on request in different languages on locations throughout the network or at the customer's premises.

Aviapartner is licensed as an IATA Dangerous Goods Training School and offers all categories of DGR training.

More information can be found on www.aviapartner.aero