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AAR Receives FAA Approval for 747-400 Oxygen System Retrofit

INDIANAPOLIS, May 3, 2012 – AAR (NYSE: AIR) has received Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval to perform an oxygen system retrofit for a Boeing 747-400 cargo aircraft.

AAR’s design modifies the oxygen system of the 747-400 to provide additional, supernumerary occupants with the same quick-donning oxygen masks used by flight crews. The masks are mounted in ‘auto presenting’ mask boxes above the supernumerary seating. The new design also increases the aircraft’s total oxygen capacity to provide more than 180 minutes of oxygen in the event of cabin depressurization due to smoke or fire procedures.

“We are pleased to offer a safer means of supplying supplemental oxygen to supernumerary occupants of cargo aircraft, while reducing weight through the removal of portable oxygen bottles,” said Ron Eaton, Vice President, AAR Engineering Services. “Any airline operating B747 aircraft in a freighter configuration could benefit from this modification.”

The modification design was developed by AAR Engineering Services, whose personnel also managed the process to obtain the FAA’s STC approval. In addition, AAR provided the airline customer with custom modification kits produced at AAR Aircraft Services in Indianapolis, Indiana. The oxygen system retrofit was conducted at a third-party maintenance and modification facility in Asia, with support from a team of AAR Engineering Services personnel from Indianapolis and Singapore.

AAR Engineering Services provides a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective technical services, specializing in interior reconfigurations, structural and systems modifications, and avionics upgrades requiring FAA or other regulatory agency approvals.

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