Eclipse Aerospace Meeting Stated Goals

Albuquerque, NM,  April 25, 2012 — Since beginning operations in September 2009, Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. (EAI) has advanced three corporate goals: returning parts, service, and support to the fleet; upgrading and delivering the originally intended features and capabilities of the aircraft; and returning the aircraft to production.


EAI’s commitment to these three goals was further solidified with an investment by Sikorsky Aircraft Company (Sikorsky) in February 2011. Sikorsky’s investment included significant funding as well as key production and supply chain personnel to support the production restart efforts. 

Having successfully completed the first two goals of full support for the fleet and the upgrading of the fleet, EAI is now turning our full attention to the third goal, which is production of the Eclipse 550.  


When asked to respond to recent comments by a representative of United Technologies Corporation 

(parent company of Sikorsky) in reference to Eclipse, Mason Holland, CEO of EAI stated, “I do not see any inconsistency in UTC’s position or our efforts in moving towards production.  Sikorsky remains a significant investor in EAI and it has always been the goal of EAI to re-start production with its own team, albeit drawing on the experience and expertise of Sikorsky.”


Holland further stated, “With the assistance of key Sikorsky personnel, EAI continues advancing the Eclipse 550 to full-scale production. We have consistently stated that as the general aviation market returns to normalized levels, we will produce the new Eclipse 550. Our plans have not changed. We continue to support fielded aircraft, sell Total Eclipse aircraft, and build the Eclipse 550 new production order book with initial deliveries planned in 2013.”


About Eclipse Aerospace, Inc.

Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Eclipse 550 twin-engine jet, the most fuel-efficient jet in the world. Eclipse also provides engineering, maintenance, service, and support for the fleet of 260 Eclipse 500 Twin-Engine Jet aircraft. Adhering to the motto “Customer First,” Eclipse Aerospace is focused on providing a superior customer experience for existing and future owners, operators, and pilots of the revolutionary Eclipse Jet aircraft. Eclipse Aerospace corporate offices are based in Charleston, S.C. Principle operations are located in Albuquerque, N.M. and Chicago, Ill. Eclipse Aerospace is located on the web at