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Air Alliance Orders 3rd Raisbeck ZR LITE Performance System for their Learjet 35As

April 24, 2012 – Seattle, Wash. – Air Alliance Express (AAE) of Germany recently purchased its third Raisbeck ZR LITE Performance System for its GRO fleet of Learjet Model 35As. Air Alliance has been flying these Lear 35As for over eight years, and installed their first ZR LITE two years ago. After realizing the benefits firsthand, Air Alliance soon added two additional ZR LITE kits to their fleet. One AAE Lear is also equipped with Raisbeck’s Aft Fuselage Locker.

Air Alliance has recorded overall fuel savings of 5-7%, along with better takeoff and climb performance (especially from hot and high airfields), and increased range.  They say the ZR LITE system is paying for itself in fuel savings alone—an excellent annual return on investment (ROI).


“The improved takeoff performance with ZR LITE enables us to depart our home base EDGS (Airport Siegerland, approximately 2,000 feet ASL) with a full fuel load,” reports Matthias Kupisch, Head of Operations for Air Alliance Express. “However, a big part of our decision to install ZR LITE on 35A-504 is the fact the system increased the value of the aircraft—it is even possible to sell an aging Lear 35 if it has been equipped with the Raisbeck systems!”


Raisbeck’s ZR LITE Performance System enhances the takeoff, climb, cruise and descent performance of Learjet Model 31, 35 and 36 aircraft.  In addition to being able to fly higher, faster and farther from more airports, ZR LITE saves at least 5% on fuel at normal cruise and up to 14% or more when pilots can take full advantage of the Learjet’s improved climb and cruise capabilities.


Raisbeck’s Aft Fuselage Locker for Model 31/35/36 Learjets returns cabin space to passengers, providing a spacious external compartment certified for up to 300 pounds of cargo. Especially valuable on multiple-stop trips since baggage can be loaded and unloaded without having passengers deplane, the locker also moves the center of gravity (CG) aft, resulting in less nose-up trim and reducing drag for additional fuel savings.


Raisbeck’s Systems are certified worldwide, and are installed and supported by a global network of more than 100 Service Centers.


For more information on Raisbeck Engineering enhancement products, visit www.Raisbeck.com or call 1.206.723.2000.

About Raisbeck Engineering

Raisbeck Performance Systems for the entire Hawker Beechcraft King Air family, as well as Bombardier's Model 31 and 35/36 Learjet aircraft, are certified worldwide. Raisbeck's designs have been incorporated into OEM production aircraft since 1973. Raisbeck Performance Systems for King Airs are factory installed or optional equipment on Beechcraft 250, 350, B200GT and C90GTx production lines. They are also sold and installed by Hawker Beechcraft Service Centers and Raisbeck Authorized Dealers around the globe.


Raisbeck's ZR LITE Performance Systems and Aft Fuselage Lockers for Model 31 and 35/36 Learjets are available through Raisbeck's network of Authorized Dealers and Installation Centers-including Bombardier Aircraft Services-in the U.S.A., Europe and South America. The Lear 60 Aft Fuselage Locker System is in development and will begin deliveries in 2012.


Raisbeck Engineering continues the long-standing tradition of its founder, James D. Raisbeck by improving personal, business and corporate aircraft performance, productivity, safety and comfort through the integration of advanced technology with currently flying airplanes.  Visit our website at www.raisbeck.com for general product information. Contact Dan Adams at dan@raisbeck.com for high-resolution image(s).